WeirdHDTV is blog is obviously about traveling, you guessed it right. But what is special about it?

In all my blog posts I am trying to give you some little tips and tricks of how to visit a destination “smart”. Yes, let’s call it “Smart travel” blog.

What do I mean by that?

Traveling is all about experiences, and I think that maybe sometimes it is really worth it to pay for, let’s say, walking on the biggest glacier in the world. You would miss out so much if you would just see it from the side! But sometimes, if it is possible to save 20 € per person on the entrance ticket to Disneyland, why on Earth would you pay more?

Not paying for what’s not necessary but experiencing the place at the fullest – that is what Smart traveling is about. And that’s what the blog is about, too.

Our Mission

To provide best information related to amazing and happy places for our reader to compare and choose the right place to travel.

Our Vision

To grow world wild and get outstanding feedback from our reader.